2020 Conference Proceedings

Conference Greeting

Holly Barkwell, NENA Regional Director, with opening greetings for the conference.

Locating the Caller: Your map is a Lifeline

Presented by Diana Gijselaers – Product Owner – Mapping / Unified GIS

Knowing how to use your agency’s map to locate a 9-1-1 caller can make the difference between life and death. Learn the three important mapping elements that must be in place to help you locate emergency callers. No matter what your mapping software is, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to use your map to save seconds and save lives.

Safer As One: From Call to Case Closure

Presented by DJ Seals (Detective retired) - Chief Software Evangelist

Discover how unified technology impacts response. Outdated, disparate technology systems can keep information in silos, reducing the ability to effectively derive and deliver intelligence, putting more pressure on agencies. In this session, discover how all respond teams from the PSAP to the field, use integrated technology through a 3D command center tour to resolve a traffic incident

New Integrations to Streamline PSAP Workflows

Presented by Jim Wolfinbarger

When data is properly utilized it can shave crucial seconds off calls, keep first responders more prepared and, ultimately, help make communities safer. Too often data overload creates a disjointed workflow. This discussion will highlight where data overload and disparate systems are slowing down PSAPS. It will then focus on strategies to streamline PSAP workflows by knocking down technology and institutional silos while integrating hardware and software.

Ontario Municipal Association Panel Presentation on NG9-1-1

Panel Members: Hugh Ferguson – Toronto Police Service, Monika Turner – Association of Municipalities of Ontario; and Holly Barkwell – NENA

The Panel provides information on NG9-1-1, funding and governance.

NG9-1-1 Transition Considerations: What PSAPs Need to Know and Do

Presentation from Federal Engineering
Panel: Eric Parry, Cindy Sparrow, Fadi Dabliz and Keri Brennan

NG9-1-1 in Canada is an exciting and constant evolution. Join our team for a discussion and information on important things PSAP leaders need to know about how to successfully navigate NG9-1-1 in Canada.

Presentation Deck (PDF)

Bell NG9-1-1 Call Handling Solution

Presenter: James Moss - Bell
Overview of architecture, design, and redundancy. This session may also cover all successful trials of live NG9-1-1 calls completed to date baring any NDA concerns.

Bell End-To-End Support for PSAPs on NG9-1-1

Presenter: James Moss - Bell
Learn about Bell’s End-To-End Solutions and Support on NG9-1-1 solution from the ESINet, NG9-1-1 Mobility through to Call Handling Functional Element (CHFE)

2020 NENA Ontario Bell NG9-1-1 Service Provider Update

Presenter: Richard Little
Presentation Deck (PDF)