National Emergency Number Association ON Inc. Executive

President: Tracy Klingbyle

Tracy has been a member of the Windsor Police Service 9-1-1 Communications since 2001. She started her 9-1-1 journey as a communicator but quickly progressed and became involved as a trainer and mentor to other communicators. In 2015, she was promoted to the position of 9-1-1 Supervisor.

She is an active member and participant with many working groups related to emergency communications such as ESWG, CITIG, NPSTC and NENA. In 2015, Tracy proudly earned her ENP designation.

1st Vice President: Collette Tanner

2nd Vice President: Jerrett Wichman

Past President:  Linda Dickson

Linda Dickson is recently retired Emergency Manager/9-1-1 Coordinator for the County of Wellington. She has thirty years experience in 9-1-1 as the Coordinator for the County involved in the initial civic addressing project and roll out of 9-1-1 in Wellington in 1997. She has been an active member of NENA for over 25 years and has been a member of the Executive from 2010 to 2015 and rejoining in 2019. She has been active with the Coalition of the Willing nationally since 2013. She has also participated in Emergency Services Working Group subgroups for several years.

Director: Carol Frank

Carol Frank has worked for York Regional Police for 21 years holding the position of Communications Trainer.

She has been involved with NENA Ontario over the past 19 years in various capacities from Conference Volunteer to Executive member and remains an advocate for 9-1-1, Communicators and NENA Ontario. Carol Frank is currently a Director with NENA Ontario.

Director: Larry Breen

Larry started with Bell in 1976 as a residential service installer and repairman. The next 28 years were spent in front line "field services” performing a variety of different technician and management related roles. Larry joined the 9-1-1 Network division at Bell in 2004 in the role of

9-1-1 Emergency Services Manager. In addition, Larry also manages the department responsible for performing the Network Administration and Service Support tasks for the Ontario 9-1-1 Network.

Larry has been a NENA member since 2004, a Past-President of the Ontario Chapter and is currently a Director with NENA ON

Director (Treasurer): Peter Holland

Peter Holland is a retired Financial Professional with 40 years of experience in many different areas of industry such as Financial, Manufacturing and Regulatory Bodies. He has been involved with the Ontario NENA 911 Association for approximately 20 years in a supportive and financial role, and has held the Treasurer’s position since 2011. He was appointed to the position of Director of the new NENA 911 ON Inc. in 2017 when it was officially created, and currently holds this position.

While not actively involved in the industry as a professional, his association with NENA over the past number of years has provided him a perspective of its ideals and direction. This has allowed him to bring a financial aspect of control and fiscal responsibility to NENA 911 ON Inc.