Mission & Vision

NENA: The 9-1-1 Association empowers its members and the greater 9-1-1 community to provide the best possible emergency response through standards development, training, thought leadership, outreach, and advocacy. Our vision is a public made safer by 9-1-1 services delivered by highly-trained emergency-communications professionals and powered by the latest technologies.

More About Us

NENA is the only non-profit organization solely focused on improving 9-1-1. The organization represents tens of thousands of hard-working 9-1-1 first-responders who assist individuals in crisis and play a vital role in almost every emergency. These unsung heroes of public safety are directly involved in improving all aspects of 9-1-1 and in keeping our communities strong, safe, and vibrant.

NENA ensures that 9-1-1 is prepared to meet the needs of anyone requesting emergency assistance by developing standards for 9-1-1 technology and operations; providing education, training, and certifications for 9-1-1 professionals; informing policymakers about issues facing 9-1-1; and educating the public about 9-1-1, its importance, and its proper use.

NENA ON Executive

President: Jerrett Wichman

Jerrett began his career with Durham Regional Police Service in 2000 supporting the Communications 9-1-1 unit from a technical perspective then, in 2019, he was promoted to Technical Manager of 9-1-1. Jerrett sits on the 9-1-1 Management Board for Durham Region, has been an active member of the Emergency Services Working Group for many years, is Co-chair of the working group for RTT9-1-1 Transition in Canada and participates in many TIF report writings. Jerrett is also a member of the Regional Communications Interoperability Steering Committee, 911 Emergency Call Centre Communications Program Advisory Committee (Durham College), Farm 9-1-1 Working Group and the NG9-1-1 Coalition. Jerrett is currently the project lead on Durham Regional Police Service’s transition to NG9-1-1.

Vice President: Kate Pataran

Kate began her career with the Halton Regional Police Service Communications Bureau in 2003 working various roles until her promotion to Communications Supervisor in 2019. In 2022, she earned the designation of ENP. In 2024, Kate began a new journey as the Canadian ECC Engagement Manager for RapidSOS. Kate looks forward to continued work on 911 advocacy, standards, training development and most of all, connection with other industry professionals who hold the same passion for the important work we do!

2nd Vice President: Jamie Toffolo

Jamie has been a member of the Niagara Regional Police Service’s Communications Unit since 2008. She worked as a Communications Training Officer for many years before becoming a Communications Supervisor in 2019. Currently, she is the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Supervisor. Jamie promotes NENA as a great way to collaborate with other industry leaders and pave the way for future 9-1-1 professionals. Jamie proudly earned her ENP designation in 2021 and encourages others to take advantage of the many learning opportunities that NENA has to offer.

Past President: Colette Tanner

Colette's career has been deeply rooted in 911 services, spanning over 35 years. She has held various roles, including her start as a switchboard operator with Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) while attending post secondary schooling, progressing to become a communicator, trainer and later a senior communicator position that replaced Constables in the Communications Bureau. She served as a civilian director role within the Halton Regional Police Association (HRPA) and worked as the HRPA Executive Director while on leave from HRPS. Colette took a break to focus on her family, especially her child with special medical needs, during which she worked part-time in emergency services and volunteered for local boards.

After her children started school, Colette re-entered the workforce and was drawn back to the 911 field. She embraced the opportunity to become the 911 Coordinator for the County of Hastings, overseeing 911 services in a diverse set of 17 communities, including cities, townships, villages, and the Air Force Base, while also coordinating with the Mohawk Territories. She continues to work closely with the Hastings Quinte 911 PSAP working group, overseeing the contracted services of the Primary PSAP, local emergency agencies, County CEMC Group, Fire Chiefs and GIS departments. This has facilitated the opportunity to also be involved provincially and federally with the ESWG, various Tiff Committees and the Ontario 911 Coordinators Working Group.

Her involvement in NENA ON has been longstanding, she eventually became a member of the Board of Directors for NENA ON after 15 years as a member in good standing.

Colette's career has been dedicated to the crucial work of coordinating 9-1-1 services and public awareness in her community and continues with a focus on NG911.

Director: Tracy Klingbyle

Tracy has been a member of the Windsor Police Service 9-1-1 Communications since 2001. She started her 9-1-1 journey as a communicator but quickly progressed and became involved as a trainer and mentor to other communicators. In 2015, she was promoted to the position of 9-1-1 Supervisor.

She is an active member and participant with many working groups related to emergency communications such as ESWG, CITIG, NPSTC and NENA. In 2015, Tracy proudly earned her ENP designation.

Director: Carol Frank

Carol Frank has worked for York Regional Police for 21 years holding the position of Communications Trainer.

She has been involved with NENA Ontario over the past 19 years in various capacities from Conference Volunteer to Executive member and remains an advocate for 9-1-1, Communicators and NENA Ontario. Carol Frank is currently a Director with NENA Ontario.

Peter Holland

Director (Treasurer): Peter Holland

Peter Holland is a retired Financial Professional with 40 years of experience in many different areas of industry such as Financial, Manufacturing and Regulatory Bodies. He has been involved with the Ontario NENA 911 Association for approximately 20 years in a supportive and financial role, and has held the Treasurer’s position since 2011. He was appointed to the position of Director of the new NENA 911 ON Inc. in 2017 when it was officially created, and currently holds this position.

While not actively involved in the industry as a professional, his association with NENA over the past number of years has provided him a perspective of its ideals and direction. This has allowed him to bring a financial aspect of control and fiscal responsibility to NENA 911 ON Inc.

Director, A/Treasurer: Larry Breen

Larry retired from Bell Canada in August of 2022 with 46 years service. He spent the last 18 years in Bell’s 9-1-1 Emergency Services Group. Larry has been a NENA member since 2004, a one-time President of the Ontario Chapter and is currently a Director and A/Treasurer with NENA ON Inc.