Become a Canadian ENP

What is ENP Certification?

Certification is a tool of a professional association to establish the benchmarks of performance that will signify a broad-based competence in the professional field.

By successfully completing your certification, you will:

  • Demonstrate a mastery of the comprehensive knowledge base required for emergency number program management.
  • Help to raise industry standards and increase the respect and prestige of those involved in 9-1-1.
  • Confirm your commitment to the 9-1-1 profession by showing yourself to be a leader in public safety and pledging yourself to stay aware of current issues and developments in the field.

Goals of Certification

The NENA Executive Board first formed a Certification Committee in 1992 to explore the development of a certification program for individuals involved in emergency number program management. After a thorough review of the certification process, the Executive Board approved the Committee’s recommendation to go forward with the establishment of an Emergency Number Professional Certification Program. This recommendation included several goals:

  • To establish the comprehensive body of knowledge for Emergency Number Professionals.
  • To promote a standard of competence for Emergency Number Professionals that will be recognized and accepted by the 9-1-1 profession, government agencies, the business community, and the general public.
  • To ensure an awareness of current issues and developments in the 9-1-1 profession.
  • To provide formal recognition of individuals for professional achievement.
  • To encourage professional growth and enhance the self-esteem of Emergency Number Professionals.


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CANADIAN ENP Testimonials

  • Studying for my ENP exam taught me about 9-1-1 technology and process, but the people taught me about the uniqueness of this certification.  The passion and professionalism of every ENP I meet makes me want to do better… Every day.  ENP certification was one of the most important steps I’ve taken in my career.
    Holly Barkwell  | BH Group INC., President & CEO  | NENA Canadian Region Director
  • The ENP certification was the only telecommunicator tool that I could locate to assist in preparing for my role as NG9-1-1 Systems Specialist at YRP.  It not only enhanced my understanding of NG9-1-1 transition, but it allowed me to set a goal and achieve it within a specified timeframe.  I am very proud of obtaining my certification and encourage anyone who is looking to expand their NG9-1-1 knowledge to go for it!
    Jenna Vitale  | York Regional Police  | NG9-1-1 Systems Specialist
  • Obtaining my ENP certification during such an integral moment in time for PSAPs has been of enormous benefit. I was encouraged to obtain my ENP certification by peers from both within my organization and from respected peers outside of my organization. Studying for my ENP and taking the ENP certification exam not only enhanced my knowledge of the inner workings of 9-1-1, but it also instilled a level of confidence with regards to the future possibilities that NG9-1-1 allows for.  In addition to the knowledge I have gained, I have been welcomed by a network of individuals who share similar experiences. ENP certification is invaluable to the PSAP community.
    Lisa Osika, ENP  | PSAP Coordinator  | Hamilton Police Service
  • ENP certification had always been on my radar and with NG9-1-1 on the horizon, I made the decision to prioritize it. I knew it was the most comprehensive program available and was confident that it would provide the knowledge I needed in order to increase my connection with the 9-1-1 industry. Little did I know that becoming an ENP would not only provide me with the knowledge and expertise that I sought, but I was quickly welcomed into a community of passionate leaders and 9-1-1 advocates. Becoming an ENP has enhanced my professional growth, enabled me to establish connections with a network of exceptional leaders, and opened doors that I didn’t know existed.
  • ENP’s are industry leaders driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a genuine willingness to assist others. If you have been on the fence about writing the exam, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the next step!
    Kate Pataran, ENP | Communications Supervisor | Halton Regional Police Service | NENA ON 2nd Vice President
  • As the daughter of a police officer, I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in policing and set my sights on a career in the 911 Communications. In 1993, I began my career with the Toronto Police Service and after a year returned home to join the Windsor Police Service. I gained as much experience as I could, from communicator to trainer, supervisor with the ultimate goal of becoming Director. I knew that in order to be the best candidate for this position, I needed to commit to the 911 profession by becoming a leader in public safety and demonstrate competence and dedication – that meant becoming an ENP. Becoming an ENP ensured I was aware of current issues and was prepared for changes and challenges, especially as it related to NG911. This would have been a difficult challenge without the knowledge gained as an ENP, allowing me to participate alongside industry. It is by no means an easy achievement and required hours of dedication, even with 23 years’ experience in the profession. I was fortunate to have a study partner, Supervisor Tracy Klingbyle, and we pushed each other to be the best. As the first two ENP’s at our Service, we continue to mentor future ENP’s with hopes of continuously expanding knowledge of the 911 industry.
    Laura Smith, ENP | Director, Emergency 911 Centre | Windsor Police Service
  • I became an ENP ten years ago for various reasons, each significantly shaping my career path. My strong passion for public safety and the desire to positively impact people’s lives during emergencies motivated me to expand my knowledge in emergency and critical communications. The ENP certification provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this field. Becoming an ENP allowed me to enhance my expertise, credibility, and career prospects, and I continue to advocate for this NENA certification.
    Mike Page, CET, ENP | Sr Account Executive | Motorola Solutions
  • The 9-1-1 Industry just celebrated its 50th birthday here in Canada. For many young Public Safety Communicators, this industry is older than they are, but for other more senior staff, they have been around to see this infant industry grow from being a simple radio, phone, paper and pen process to the highly sophisticated, integrated, technological marvel that it is today. With NG9-1-1 now on the horizon the need for certified, technical, professionals has never been greater. I have served in the 9-1-1 and Emergency Services Industry since 2006, with over 14 years as a frontline Advanced Care Paramedic, while also serving 17 years in Emergency Communications service all three agencies; Police, Fire, and EMS. Early in my career as an Emergency Communications Officer (ECO) I made every effort to understand not only the user facing systems and technology, but to also understand the complicated and integrated technology networks, components, and standards that made up the telephony, radio, and CAD systems behind the scenes. Further to the technical aspects, I also began to study and learn the duties and responsibilities required to be a leader in this industry. I volunteered for boards and committees, I took an active leadership role within my own centre. I started to become involved in improving not only my local organizational processes, but I also began to participate and become involved in the process of improving our industry on a National and International level. In less than 10 years I had progressed through the ranks of the Centre from ECO to Executive. The Emergency Numbered Professional Certification (ENP) is a valuable pursuit for any individual looking to excel in the Public Safety Communications industry. The broad scope of knowledge contained within the certification process ensures that its value and credibility is recognized by frontline members, managers, and technical personnel. For me the education and knowledge received through obtaining and maintaining my ENP has not only helped me as a Manager in Public Safety, but it has also helped me to develop my skills to be able to assist other departments, managers, and projects within our entire City organization and will continue to benefit me in any future role or organization. I will continue to be an Emergency Numbered Professional to ensure I keep evolving and growing as fast as the 9-1-1 Industry.
    Joel McDonald, ACP, ENP | Manager Innovation and Planning | City of Lethbridge
  • I was encouraged by a former colleague to work on my ENP. Although I had lots of operational experience, in preparing for the ENP, I was able to learn so much more about how 9-1-1 truly functions. From equipment, to processes, management to legislation, and everything in between, the program is comprehensive and it helped me to have a full understanding of all that it entails. Being certified was especially important to me after leaving the PSAP. I knew my stuff, but it’s a credential that let’s others know I have that solid knowledge base as well; education alongside the experience. Furthermore, NENA is such a welcoming organization always encouraging members to share their knowledge and be involved in the shaping of the future of 9-1-1.
    Sharon Koch MA, ENP | Business Analyst | Esri Canada
  • My role model had her ENP and it was obvious how the certification and being involved with NENA future proofed her career and ensured she had the tools and resources at her finger tips. I have always had a strong technical background and enjoyed managing people, operations, systems, and processes. Once I learnt about the ENP certification I knew it was my calling. Since obtaining my ENP I have been connected with so many great people and resources that I am confident will ensure I am well prepared to move our agency through the NG9-1-1 transition and more. I am thrilled to see that this certification is becoming more popular and would strongly recommend those future leaders and system administrators to work towards their ENP as well.
    Justin Gilbert, ENP | Assistant Deputy Chief, Communications and Technology | Barrie Fire & Emergency Service
  • I found that achieving my ENP certification was a great tool to help bring up my technical knowledge ahead of technical changes my centre would be facing. I gained knowledge that helped me stay relevant with the changes in our CAD system, radio system and phone system ahead of the move to NG9-1-1. I knew of several colleagues in other departments that had completed the certification and found it helpful. This process can be a very useful tool in leadership development. Maintaining certification encourages those who have achieved it to continue to learn and share knowledge beyond their own centre and stay on top of developments in Emergency Communications field.
    Donna Beke, ENP
    Communications Officer | Fire Department | City of Kitchener